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29 June 2005


Yesterday, we witnessed a showdown of sorts between two important personalities, Susan and Gloria. Here are some of the highlights of the speeches they delivered.

We begin with President GMA:

  • "Let there be no mistake. I'm committed to a day when we can truly be proud to be one nation. That's why the divisions within our country must end. I want a nation that raises up the unfortunate without dragging down the fortunate."

  • "In a recent Time magazine interview, I quoted my father who used to advise me: "when you're a public servant, the priority is God first, then country, and family is last." This is something that has guided me throughout my life in public service. My responsibility to the people is my highest priority."

  • "When I was executive director of GTEB, my husband stopped his law practice so that there would be no temptation to take in clients who might want to buy influence to get garments quotas. When I became president, my daughter Luli who have topped the foreign service exams on the eve of my sudden assumption readily accepted my decision not to appoint her to the service."

  • "Today, my family is once again called to sacrifice our personal happiness to allow me to serve best as President of our country. My husband has volunteered to go abroad. He and even his contributions to health care and sports development have been the object of pillory especially by my political enemies who've been trying to distract me from fulfilling my reform agenda as President. And so he will leave to remove these distractions and doubts from our people's minds. As with Caesar's wife, my husband has volunteered to remove himself from any situation which will cast doubt on my presidency."
For the divisions in this country to end, you must resign, Mrs. President. If it is true that you value God and country over your family and yourself, then you know that stepping down means doing this country a very big favor. I think you got it all mixed up. Making the your husband, the FG leave abroad is a sacrifice? Why? Because your children and grandchildren will miss him?

Well, do you know that families and children of OFWs feel that all the time? They miss their folks so much they have learned to accept it as a fact of life. Now, you and your husband want to call it a sacrifice? The ultimate sacrifice is resigning from the Presidency.

Here's another amusing link which you might want to read: WHAT THE FIRST GENTLEMAN DID FOR LOVE

C'mon, Mrs President, like what Susan said, your face betrays you. I can see your eyebags becoming more and more prominent. Can't sleep, Mrs. President? Does your conscience bother you that much?

Let's now hear what Susan said yesterday:

  • "Hindi ko matatanggap ang iyong sorry. [I cannot accept your 'sorry.'] You are full of promises. Obviously, you have no love for your country. You have stolen the presidency not once, but twice!"

  • "Habang pinapanood ko siya sa telebisyon at humingi ng sorry, kitang-kita sa mata niya na hindi siya sinsero at hindi galing sa puso niya. Gusto na naman niyang isahan at paikutin ang batas. Ang sinungaling ay kapatid ng magnanakaw!!! [While watching GMA on TV asking for an apology, I can see there was no sincerity in her eyes and what she said did not come from her heart. She wants to deceive us once more and play with the law. The liar is the sibling of the thief!!!]"

  • "Remember, Mrs. Arroyo, before the foreign investors can trust you, you must first have the trust of your countrymen, which unfortunately you have lost. You have embarrassed the Filipinos enough!!!"

  • "Why did it take so long? It's because there was something in that tape that she wanted to keep a secret -- the cheating in the last elections!"

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