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28 June 2005

Two Options

Had this political crisis happened in Japan, GMA would have only two options:
If the shame was really too much, the offender can have a third option by doing both.

Since we are predominantly a religious nation, I think GMA's best option is to resign. There is no better way to put back the disgrace she bestowed on the Presidency than to pack her bags and leave. Hold snap elections and hand over the leadership to a more deserving person.

If she stays, she will convey an abominable message to the youth of this land --- that one can get away with cheating by saying a simple sorry. She will be setting a new bad standard. Rapists, kidnappers, murderers, and thieves might as well be forgiven by making them say sorry in front of people.

Forgiveness becomes relevant only with penance, consequent punishment, and a sincere promise proven by action not to commit the same mistake again.

Step down now, Mrs. President.

Do it for us. Do it for our country. Bring back the long lost honor sorely missed and badly wanted.

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